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The Full Story


I fell in love with photography as a child while watching old family polaroids. I used to play with  camera that had no film inside imagining what kind of photos I would make. I remember being very young when my uncle showed me his home-made dark room for photo developing and I was fascinated with the whole process.

How we started?

The decision to start doing this wedding photography professionally was made with the support of my wife Jelena (who was then my fiancé)  and all of this would not be possible without her. She was the first person in my life who truly believed in me and this thing we do together and call Tubic weddings. 


She is a medical nurse and I am a French language teacher and we  always missed doing more things together. We try to transfer our emotions and the connection we have into our creative work as well. Jelena is a makeup artist and that helps a lot. She has that special female viewpoint that helps me notice things I would not have noticed otherwise like all the little details that are important to brides. I can not imagine working without her now. She is photographing from her own unique angle. We love to make documentary wedding photos. 

Do we travel?


We love to travel and allready have been shooting in Vienna, Frankfurt, Zagreb... and super happy when we get the opportunity to shoot destination weddings. We have been working together since 2018 and that is the year when we got married, our wedding was the most fun we ever had. We often say that we need to repeat that , but in the same roles of course :). We want all our couples to have as much fun with their wedding as we did and to be happily married as much as we are .. and more!


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